Building engaging sponsorship activations around purpose

Building engaging sponsorship activations around purpose

Episode #19 – Author of 3-Win Sponsorship, John Balkam, discusses the future of sport sponsorship, and details his five-point framework for impactful campaigns built on purpose

When marketing executives of major brands start putting together sponsorship campaigns and activations, they should take a leaf out of Benjamin Franklin’s book and ask: “What good shall I do this day?”

That’s according to John Balkam, the author of 3-Win Sponsorship, a book that plots the history of modern sports marketing to its present era, which revolves around purpose and values.

According to Balkam, only those brands that have evolved to focus on the three-win model of sponsorship – a win for the brand, a win for the sports property, and a win for the consumer and their community – will continue to thrive, particularly in the post-Covid-19 landscape.

There are five principles, he says, that sponsors (and sports properties) will have to adopt to create successful campaigns: intentionality about purpose, authenticity, sustainability, the right metrics, and collaboration.

During this podcast, Balkam discusses his framework for 3-Win Sponsorship and explains:

– Why sports fans and consumers are engaging more with purposeful brands

– How a successful 3-Win Sponsorship campaign is constructed

– What’s next for sport sponsorship

He also touches on a number of case studies – from Super Bowl 50, to T-Mobile and Anheuser-Busch – to illustrate examples of good practice.

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