The football executive’s guide to sustainability strategy

The football executive’s guide to sustainability strategy

The Sustainability Report publishes our first white paper in collaboration with Touchline to explore the elements of a good sustainability strategy for football clubs, leagues and tournaments

Like so many sectors, the football industry was devastatingly exposed by the coronavirus pandemic. While most of the top European leagues and tournaments managed to navigate towards a conclusion, there was a peculiar and disconcerting feeling to it all.

And while many in the game will be hopeful that solutions will be found to the public health crisis and, in the short-term, bringing people back into stadiums safely, what’s happening now could be the tip of the iceberg.

Climate change and its impacts have the potential to impact football – both grassroots and professional – in an even more negative and profound way. A piece of research conducted by renowned journalist David Goldblatt and the Rapid Transition Alliance found that, in England alone, a quarter of its 92 professional league clubs could be affected by flooding every season.

Sustainability is a growing topic of interest within the world of football, but being sustainable is not just about managing risks like climate change – it’s about building a vision that captures value. It’s about strengthening relationships with fans. Becoming more efficient. And improving your brand and reputation.

Together with Touchline – our parent company and agency that specialises in sport, sustainability and reporting – we’ve put together ‘The football executive’s guide to sustainability strategy’ to help those in the football industry who want to get started with sustainability, but don’t know where to begin.

The guide explores how a football organisation can capture value through sustainability, and also how you can build your vision and align sustainability objectives with stakeholder priorities and international standards. We’ve reflected on some of the latest research in this area, and captured the experiences of some of the most renowned sustainability professionals in football, including:

– Patrick Gasser, UEFA’s head of football and social responsibility

– Bodour Al Meer, environment and sustainability senior manager for the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy (Qatar 2022)

– Orjan Lundberg, sustainability expert for the Supreme Committee of Delivery and Legacy (Qatar 2022)

– Nico Briskorn, VfL Wolsburg’s head of corporate responsibility

– Andrea Maschietto, Juventus’ sustainability and external relations manager

Within the 31-page guide you will learn:

– What a sustainability strategy is

– Why having a sustainability strategy is crucial for your club, league or federation

– How to put together a sustainability strategy appropriate for the football industry

Get your guide here.

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