No COPping out for sport

No COPping out for sport

Episode 95 – Kathy Gibbs, Fiona Morgan and Russell Seymour talk COP28, environmental strategies, regulation and growing athlete awareness

As we head into another COP, two major things remain unclear for our industry: on a macro level, what climate trajectory will we find ourselves on once all is said and done in two weeks? And, at a sector level, what role is sport expected to play to keep this trajectory as low as possible?

COP28 is a key talking point in episode 95 of the podcast as we talk to SailGP’s Fiona Morgan about its Race for the Future takeover in Dubai. Russell Seymour of BASIS talks about the new Game Changer II report, which lays bare the extent to which climate change is playing havoc with British sport.

Cricket, which features heavily in Games Changers, is also a focus of the episode, with Kathy Gibbs of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) talking through its new Environmental Sustainability Plan.

You can listen to the episode here:

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