Becoming a more purposeful sports leader

Becoming a more purposeful sports leader

Episode #52 – Licia Rester and Kirk Souder, authors of The Soul Purpose Method, explain how those working in the sports industry can transform their professional lives through intention, liberation and co-creation

There are many people in several industries who will feel 2020 was a somewhat wasted year. When it comes to professional development, some may have identified the previous 12 months as a good opportunity to study or complete a course.

However, a significant proportion of the population will be feeling pessimistic about the consequence of the pandemic on their job security and industry in general.

That’s why we’ve tried extra hard to infuse the last podcast of 2020 with plenty of optimism and guidance, courtesy of Licia Rester and Kirk Souder, the authors of The Soul Purpose Method.

During this episode, Rester and Souder discuss their partnership with 17 Sport to create the Soul Purpose Sport Accelerator, designed to connect sports leaders and professionals with a sense of purpose. They also explain:

– The three pillars of The Soul Purpose Method – intention, liberation and co-creation

– How sports professionals can unlock their “inner purpose”

– Why sport is the perfect industry to bring these principles to the masses

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