Why your sponsorship team needs a sustainability executive

Why your sponsorship team needs a sustainability executive

Episode #22 – Terry Cecil, the president and chief executive of the International Sponsor Council, explains the growing importance of sustainability expertise in sponsorship

Embedding sustainability into organisational culture is made possible by empowering the individual. According to Terry Cecil, the same is true of creating sponsorships that are ethical and sustainable in every sense of the word.

In this week’s episode, the president and chief executive of the International Sponsor Council makes his case for a sustainability professional being at the heart of each sponsorship team from the very inception of a project.

That way, the sponsor can make sure it does a good job of aligning its brand values and business ethics with a sports property.

There are three ways brands can approach sponsorship opportunities, he explains: (1) If it aligns perfectly, sponsor it, (2) If there’s a gap in values, work together to fix it, and (3) If values are polar opposite, move on and don’t risk your brand reputation.

It’s within the second approach that the most positive impact can be achieved, says Cecil. Brands, he adds, must tackle the important issues – gender pay inequality, carbon footprint, plastic waste, social justice, and athlete health – and find, in a partner, the right entity to solve those problems.

Sponsorship is no longer just about exposure to consumers. It’s about doing good for those consumers.

During the episode, Cecil explains:

– Why sustainability executives should be at the heart of sponsorship decisions

– How sports entities can leverage the experience of sponsors to do social and environmental good

– Why sponsors should be involved in sustainability research

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