Building a football club identity around sustainability

Building a football club identity around sustainability

Episode #70 – Elif Aslı Koç and Rocio Ruiz Berdejo explain how a partnership between their clubs, İstanbul Başakşehir and Real Betis, demonstrates how clubs can come together around the environment

Green and blue; the two colours most widely associated with environmental sustainability.

Attempting to bring them both together are two clubs at the opposite ends of Europe, İstanbul Başakşehir in Turkey and Real Betis in Spain, who are positioning themselves football’s representation of the ocean and Earth respectively.

In this podcast, we speak with marketing executives from both clubs, Elif Aslı Koç and Rocio Ruiz Berdejo, to find out why this partnership and a focus on environmental sustainability is a key priority.

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Episode #70 talking points:

– How İstanbul Başakşehir, a relatively young club, is building its identity and brand around environmental protection

– What Real Betis is doing to bring its players into sustainability activations

– Why both clubs want to grow a European football network around the environment

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