How to measure sustainability data and report it

How to measure sustainability data and report it

Episode #40 – Julie Duffus of the IOC, Omar Mitchell of the NHL, and the GEO Foundation’s Jonathan Smith explain the what, how and why of measuring and reporting environmental impact at the Sport Positive Summit

This week we celebrate our 40th podcast with a very special episode, providing expertise and insight from three of sport’s most knowledgeable and respected sustainability champions in sport.

Instead of the usual interview format, this episode features the recording from a panel at this month’s Sport Positive Summit in which Julie Duffus (Olympic Movement sustainability senior manager for the IOC), Omar Mitchell (the NHL’s VP of sustainable infrastructure and growth initiatives), and Jonathan Smith (founder and executive director of the GEO Foundation) discuss a topic many in sport are grappling with: data measurement and reporting.

During the show, Duffus, Mitchell and Smith go into detail on the what, why and how of data measurement and reporting in sport, including:

– What data their respective organisations are measuring and reporting

– How they are collecting data and presenting it to stakeholders

– Why it’s important for forward-thinking sports organisations to collect sustainability data and be transparent about it

Listen to the full episode here:

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