Being strategic and entrepreneurial about sustainability through challenging times

Being strategic and entrepreneurial about sustainability through challenging times

Episode #29 – Jaime Nack, founder and president of Three Squares Inc, talks strategy, legacy and starting her sustainability business during a period of global uncertainty

Cast your mind back to 2008 – a year largely remembered for the global economic crisis that caused panic and uncertainty. With the economy in tatters, it probably didn’t seem like the best time to strike out and start a new business.

But that’s exactly what Jaime Nack – this week’s guest – did. Not only that, but her fledgling consultancy, Three Squares Inc, specialised in something called ‘sustainability’ – a concept that was not even close to going mainstream yet.

The year 2008 was also a year of hope. The US elected its first-ever African American president in November. And as Barack Obama was being nominated by his political party a few months beforehand, during August’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, Nack was getting her business off the ground by ‘greening’ the major political event.

Nack has been the sustainability director for every subsequent convention and has seen Three Squares Inc go from strength to strength, working with brands, events and venues such as Honda, the Los Angeles Marathon and Exposition Park – a venue earmarked for the LA 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

During this episode, she discusses her journey and reveals why strategy and conviction are crucial to achieving bold sustainability objectives. Nack explains:

– Why she makes it a priority to work across a number of industries – including sport – to increase her positive impact

– How and why it’s important for organisations to give employees responsibility and autonomy when it comes to sustainability

– How to turn a strong sustainability strategy into a positive legacy

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  • Claudia Freed
    July 30, 2020, 6:39 pm

    I had the pleasure of meting Jamie at a virtual conference recently and this podcast was an excellent example of how sustainability can drive innovation. Thank you Matthew for a thought-provoking interview.

  • Melissa Rad
    August 3, 2020, 5:10 pm

    Wonderful interview!! Jaime is so inspiring and an empowering force for women in sustainability. Her Women in Green forum is one of the best conferences I have attended.