Driving progress through thoughtful discourse

Driving progress through thoughtful discourse

Episode #92 – Claire Poole and Jessica Murfree look ahead to the key talking points of the Sport Positive Summit, including climate justice, language and net zero

Protecting humans, animals and plants. That’s what climate justice boils down to, says Jessica Murfree. 

In this edition of the podcast, Murfree (sport ecologist and assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati) and Claire Poole look ahead to the Sport Positive Summit, exploring how the industry can position itself best to promote climate action and justice through thoughtful discourse.

The episode focuses on the importance of diverse perspectives, risk management and using nuance language when it comes to sustainability claims.

And Poole, founder and chief executive of Sport Positive, lifts the lid on some of the summit’s key session and a hotly-anticipated debate to round things off.

You can listen to the full episode here: 

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