Evolution, disruption and leadership

Evolution, disruption and leadership

Episode #90 – Maddy Orr, Bob Ramsak and Sheila Nguyen reflect on the Athletics World Championship, Women’s World Cup and the evolving role of sustainability professionals in sport

Dr. Maddy Orr, Bob Ramsak and Dr. Sheila Nguyen were the three guests as The Sustainability Report Podcast came back after a six month break.

While Ramsak (head of sustainability for World Athletics) and Nguyen (head of sustainability for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia  New Zealand 2023) spoke about managing the environmental impact of two of the year’s biggest sporting events, Orr discussed the disruption sport has experienced as a result of climate-related extreme weather in recent months.

All three guests also explored the evolving role of the sustainability professional in sport and the changing media approach to climate action in sport.

Listen to the full episode here:

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