Mega events vs sustainable impact (Part 2)

Mega events vs sustainable impact (Part 2)

Episode #75 – Cyril Abiteboul, Fatma Al Nuaimi, Georgina Grenon, Nathalie Bellon-Szabo and Ibrahima Wade explain how big sports events can be compatible with sustainability

Diversity of experience and opinion is crucial to effective dialogue and finding solutions.

At Global Sports Week in Paris, key actors from the world of motorsport, major events, suppliers, and representing Africa, Europe and the Middle East, explored the question: can major sports events be compatible with sustainable development?

The quality of discussion was so good (including the input of the Global Sports Week Young Sports Makers), that we decided to capture the best parts in this week’s podcast.

Listen to the full episode, featuring Cyril Abiteboul (CDK Technologies), Fatma Al Nuaimi (Qatar 2022), Georgina Grenon (Paris 2024), Nathalie Bellon-Szabo (Sodexo Live!), Ibrahima Wade (Dakar 2026) and the Global Sports Week Young Sports Makers (main image), here:


Cyril Abiteboul (CDK Technologies)
Fatma Al Nuaimi (Qatar 2022)
Nathalie Bellon-Szabo (Sodexo Live!) and Georgina Grenon (Paris 2024)
Ibrahima Wade (Dakar 2026)

Episode #75 talking points:

– Cyril Abiteboul on why sport must be forced to innovate in areas that benefit society

– Fatma Al Nuaimi explains how the FIFA World Cup is supporting Qatar’s 2030 development plans

– Georgina Grenon and Nathalie Bellon-Szabo unveil the sustainable Food Vision for the Paris 2024 Athletes Village

– Ibrahima Wade on Dakar 2026’s sustainability and inclusion policies

Image credits: Getty Images for Global Sports Week

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