Mega events vs sustainable impact

Mega events vs sustainable impact

Episode #74 – Karina Mukanova explores the compatibility of sustainability at big sports events and discusses her role as a Young Sports Maker at the upcoming Global Sports Week in Paris

All industries need new, fresh ideas, particularly when it comes to balancing out core business objectives and social and environmental impact. Sport is no different.

That’s why students who spend time and effort producing research that goes some way to addressing this fundamental issue are so important. 

Karina Mukanovo, a PhD student at the University of Paris-Saclay, is one such individual, and on this week’s podcast she explores how major sports events could improve their sustainable impact. 

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #74 talking points:

– The role of government, and why it is crucial in facilitating sustainability legacies of sports events

– Where sustainable impact ends and greenwashing begins, and how events can avoid this

– Why hosting a sports event in two or more nations could increase the chances of a positive legacy

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