How sustainability can help smaller football clubs differentiate

How sustainability can help smaller football clubs differentiate

Episode #69 – Benedicte Halvorsen, Chris Staudt and Raphaële Moeremans explain how their clubs are benefitting from a strategic approach to sustainable development

Being a smaller or even medium-sized football club can be testing for all concerned. 

There’s often very little opportunity to challenge for the big honours and so much competition, particularly in European football, that it can be difficult to stand out for prospective fans and partners.

In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Benedicte Halvorsen (FK Bodo/Glimt), Raphaële Moeremans (Royale Union Saint Gilloise) – both of whom are, incidentally, doing very well on the pitch – and Chris Staudt (FC Wiltz), who explain how and why they have made sustainability a strategic priority to bridge this gap.

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #69 talking points: 

– Why FK Bodo/Glimt it attempting to position itself at the centre of sport’s sustainability grassroots movement

– How FC Wiltz has knitted together a number of important strategic partnerships with environmental protection as the core objective

– What Royale Union Saint Gilloise is doing to engage fans (86% of whom believe the club should take more action to address environmental issues)

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