Extreme E on embracing inconvenience to save the planet

Extreme E on embracing inconvenience to save the planet

Episode #68 – Julia Fry, Kester Wilkinson and Dr. Matthew Bell explain how the electric off-road series pushed sustainability boundaries by answering “uncomfortable questions”

How do you measure legacy and impact? Is it through quantitative trends, such as participation rates, viewership and economic impact? Or is it through stories of hope, transformation and inspiration?

Probably a combination of both, but it’s the latter that can really capture the imagination and paint a picture.

During episode #68 of The Sustainability Report Podcast Julia Fry, Kester Wilkinson (both Extreme E) and Dr. Matthew Bell (EY) illustrate the impact of the first season of the electric off-road racing series with three amazing stories.

Fry recounts the time she was approached by a young girl who had been inspired to get into motorsport by Extreme E’s gender-equal format. Wilkinson explains how Extreme E’s sustainable transit requirements influenced other organisations to follow suit. And Bell recalls a conversation he had with an individual who was moved to transition into a new profession and use his skills to combat climate change after watching a race.

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Episode #68 talking points:

– Why “deeply uncomfortable questions” posed by EY gave Extreme E a platform to push sustainability boundaries

– How Extreme E’s team “embraced inconvenience” to reduce the competition’s environmental impact

– What the racing series plans to do in season two to take its sustainability work a step further

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