Rethinking sports events in the era of climate change and Covid

Rethinking sports events in the era of climate change and Covid

Episode #53 – Global Sports Week’s Lucien Boyer, Lucie Lapierre of EGG Sports, and Atos’ Paul Moore discuss the opportunities presented to the live events industry through the pandemic restrictions

Finding solutions. That was the name of the game for 2020, and is likely to be our default mode for a reasonable proportion of 2021 as well. With best-laid plans out of the window, we searched for alternatives – and in many cases, we found better ways of doing things.

Of course, once the worst of the pandemic is over major sporting events will, by and large, revert to their traditional form. People are yearning to see their heroes compete and enjoy the spectacle with fellow revellers.

On the business side of sport, many of those behind the scenes will be itching to get back to the conference circuit to meet new people, generate new business, and make lasting connections.

But during our first podcast of 2021, three thought leaders from the sports events sector – Lucien Boyer (Global Sports Week), Lucie Lapierre (EGG Sports) and Paul Moore (Atos) – explain what we’ve learnt over the course of the last 12 months to help us optimise the experience in the future.

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Episode #53 talking points

– How the sports event industry has pivoted its business model in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

– Why sustainability will become a big revenue driver for sports properties

– AI, and how it is being accelerated to boost fan engagement and operational efficiency

– The growing importance of employee wellbeing in the sports events industry

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  • Dani B
    January 15, 2021, 1:48 pm

    As an event manager with a keen interest in sports and sustainability, this was a fascinating take on the innovations that came out of 2020! Great listen, thanks!