Creating a biodiversity strategy for a motorsport track

Creating a biodiversity strategy for a motorsport track

Episode #85 – Lorenzo Sacchetti, Matilde Montagna, Rikke Albertsen and Michella Skov discuss their plan to cultivate nature at a Danish motorsport venue

When Lorenzo Sacchetti was asked to embark on a project to increase biodiversity at a motorsports track by his Copenhagen Business School tutor Rikke Albertsen and project manager at the Dansk Automobil Sports Union (DASU), Michella Skov, he was a little surprised.

How does nature conservation and motorsport – an unsustainable activity in Lorenzo’s mind – fit together?

Alongside Albertsen, Skov and his friend and biodiversity expert Matilde Montagna, Sacchetti tried to find out by developing a biodiversity pilot project as one of DASU’s tracks – a pilot project that could form the foundation for a wider biodiversity strategy for the organisation.

During this episode of the podcast, they all tell the story.

Listen to the full episode here:


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