Which motorsport championships are the most sustainable?

Which motorsport championships are the most sustainable?

Episode #66 – Cristiana Pace and Paolo Taticchi explore the social and environmental credentials of the world’s most famous races on two and four wheels

Environmental and social performance has been a growing area of strategic importance for motorsport organisations.

While it appears that Formula E has been setting the tone since coming on the scene just under a decade ago, the FIM has had an Environmental Policy in place for almost 30 years and F1 is starting to make inroads, with innovation and technical excellence as its basis for sustainability.

A few episodes ago, motorsport engineer and sustainability expert Cristiana Pace joined us to discuss her Sustainable Circuits Index – a rundown of the motorsport tracks with the best credentials in this space. For episode #66, Pace has joined us again to talk through her latest piece of research which explores the sustainability operations of globally-recognised motorsport championships.

Joining Pace on the show is Paolo Taticchi, a UCL professor of strategy and sustainability and prominent academic in this field, who helped to define and validate her methodology.

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Episode #66 talking points:

– Why motorsport championships are a good benchmark of where the industry broadly is regarding sustainability

– Which motorsport championships scored well for social and environmental performance – and what the difference is between FIA and FIM events

– How the data was collected, analysed and presented

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