How climate change affects the sports industry

How climate change affects the sports industry

Dr. Madeleine Orr explains how the sector will have to engage in structural changes to address the threat of climate change

The threat sport is facing as a result of the onset and acceleration of climate change has been widely spelt out in recent years. But how bad will it actually get?

Using the latest research, Dr. Madeleine Orr, co-director of the Sport Ecology Group and researcher at the University of British Columbia, paints a stark picture during the latest Sustainability Leadership Series talk, hosted in partnership with SportWorks.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, Orr makes the point that sport needs to do a better job at telling the happy ending scenario in which the world – and sport by extension – can avoid the worst of climate change by taking fast and concrete action.

During this presentation, she explains that research focusing on sport and climate change has mushroomed in recent years. And if this data can be used to develop the right strategies, sports organisations can reduce their vulnerability to climate change and the extreme weather generated by it, and contribute to global climate action. Watch the full talk here:

Throughout the Sustainability Leadership Series, we’ll be focusing on sustainability at major events, mitigating climate risk for sports organisations, gamifying sustainability, creating a sustainability strategy, and incorporating sustainable innovation.

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