The blueprint for sustainable sports clubs

The blueprint for sustainable sports clubs

Claire Poole, the founder of the Sport Positive Summit, discusses environmental best practice among leading sports organisations

Sport is all about competition, so when the Sport Positive Summit started to release league tables based on sustainability credentials, it became an added incentive for clubs to take environmental stewardship more seriously.

English Premier League football clubs have featured in two editions (2019 and 2020) of the Sustainability Table, with German Bundesliga clubs ranked in 2021. Clubs in Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, and France’s Ligue 1 will also be placed based on their sustainability operations and advocacy over the coming months.

In this edition of the Sustainability Leadership Series, Claire Poole, founder of the Sport Positive Summit, explains how she put the tables together, and discusses other areas of good environmental practice in sport. Watch the full talk here:

Throughout the Sustainability Leadership Series, we’ll be focusing on sustainability at major events, mitigating climate risk for sports organisations, gamifying sustainability, creating a sustainability strategy, and incorporating sustainable innovation.

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  • Osama
    December 9, 2021, 4:08 am

    Thank you for promoting sustainability in sports