Sport Sustainability Journal relaunches as The Sustainability Report

Sport Sustainability Journal relaunches as The Sustainability Report

Welcome to The Sustainability Report: The inside track on sport sustainability.

As founder and editor of what was previously known as Sport Sustainability Journal, I couldn’t be more excited to be revealing the publication’s next dynamic iteration alongside a hugely talented and experienced partner in the shape of Touchline.

Over the past year we’ve been building an editorial platform dedicated to you – the professionals, academics, athletes and students pursuing (or inspired by) the creation of a more sustainable planet through professional sport.

That dedication is as strong today as it was when Sport Sustainability Journal was first launched last spring.

The platform will continue to be your one-stop-shop for the latest headlines, in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews and expert comment specific to the sport and sustainability movement.

But with the support of Touchline, The Sustainability Report will endeavor to provide more value.

While Sport Sustainability Journal had a sharp focus on environmental stewardship, The Sustainability Report will explore the impact of professional sport on all 17 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and demonstrate how a strong sustainability strategy can help sports entities improve their brand reputation, engage with fans and become more profitable.

The Sustainability Report will remain an independent editorial publication, while Touchline’s investment will allow us to improve the quality of our editorial content and increase its output. You will also see different types of content – such as videos, animations and infographics – from us on a more regular basis, with special reports also in the pipeline.

Subscribers, and those wanting to join the community will still receive our weekly newsletter. And you can continue to engage with us (and leave feedback) via Twitter, LinkedIn or email:

All that’s left to say is thank you for your support over the last year. I hope that we can continue to support you in making sustainability a key pillar of the sports industry – and a profitable one for those who make it a priority.

Enjoy the content.


Founder and editor, The Sustainability Report

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