Can sport shine a light on climate injustice?

Can sport shine a light on climate injustice?

Episode #82 – Jessica Murfree and Sean McCabe explain the concept of climate justice and how sport can facilitate it

Forest fires, melting ice caps, extreme storms. It’s easy to perceive climate change as an ‘environmental problem’, external from the everyday lives of humans, particularly for those of us who live in parts of the world where climate impacts aren’t quite so stark yet.

But climate change is a human problem, with people’s health, jobs, security and recreation impacted.

Some people are affected more than others. In general terms, people who are poorer economically, who come from certain ethnic backgrounds and live in certain neighbourhoods or nations feel the negative consequence more keenly than richer counterparts living in more developed nations and regions.

That’s where climate justice comes into play.

In this episode of the podcast, Jessica Murfree, visiting professor at Texas A&M University and academic focusing on the intersection of sport, climate and justice, and Sean McCabe, the climate justice officer for Bohemian Football Club in Ireland, discuss how sport can shine a light on this inequality.

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #82 talking points:

– What climate injustice is and how people experience it

– How leagues, clubs and federations can help to bridge inequalities when it comes to the impact of climate change on human beings

– Why climate justice should be a key consideration for sports organisations putting together sustainability plans

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