Working with similar organisations to achieve sustainability goals

Working with similar organisations to achieve sustainability goals

Episode #81 – Jana Janotova, Igor Kovac and Karoliina Ketola explain how their National Olympic Committees worked together to produce respective sustainability strategies

Support and practical help, or lack of, is often the number one reason for inaction when it comes to sustainability. The will is there, but the fear persists that it won’t be done right, leading to a number of negative consequences.

In episode #81 of the podcast, we explore the ASAP (As Sustainable As Possible) project, in which three National Olympic Committees (NOCs) with relatively mature approaches to sustainability (Finnish, Danish, German) support three mentee NOCs who want to reach a similar level (Czech, Slovak, Hungarian), with comprehensive sustainability strategies.

Jana Janotova (Czech Olympic Committee) and Igor Kovac (Slovak Olympic Committee) reveal what they learned from their respective mentors, while Karoliina Ketola (Finnish Olympic Committee) details her role as a mentor.

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Episode #81 talking points:

– How sports organisations of a similar size and structure can work together to address sustainability challenges

– What the six NOCs did to support each other with sustainability strategy creation and early implementation

– Why existing tools are an important starting point for strategy work – and why the “wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented”

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