How to be a sustainable champion

How to be a sustainable champion

Episode #79 – Julie Duffus, senior sustainability manager at the IOC, explains how its new guide offers athletes inspiration and practical guidance for planet-friendly lifestyles

Instigating a large mangrove planting project. Free-diving to collect trash from lakes and ocean. Collecting unwanted table tennis equipment and giving it a new life.

These are just some of the endeavours being undertaken by world-class, Olympic-competing athletes who also care strongly about the planet. In an effort to get more athletes to get behind the environmental cause, the IOC has told these stories and paired them with practical advice in its latest guide, ‘How to be a sustainable champion’.

In this edition of the podcast, Julie Duffus, the IOC’s senior sustainability manager, talks us through it.

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Episode #79 talking points:

– How athletes can speak up for the environment and be a friend to nature

– What current athlete sustainability champions are doing to support the cause

– Why the guide and athlete advocacy is important for the IOC’s overall sustainability plans

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