Creating sustainability campaigns that resonate with fans

Creating sustainability campaigns that resonate with fans

Episode #73 – Galen Trail and Brian McCullough explain how a considered approach to segmentation, messaging and evaluation can help sports teams engage fans on sustainability

We often talk about sport’s cultural significance and its ability to influence a vast number of people, but how can we put this into practice when it comes to sustainable behaviours?

For this edition of the podcast, The Sustainability Report sits down with Galen Trail and Brian McCullough to explore their research which applies a traditional sports marketing model to sustainability campaigns and messaging.

How can sports organisations segment their fan audience and create sustainability messages that resonate and encourage them to adapt their behaviour? Find out in this episode.

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #73 talking points:

– How sports practitioners can apply marketing models to sustainability to engage fans

– What sports organisations need to do to segment their audience to craft the appropriate messaging

– Why professionals working in sports marketing should increase their knowledge in this space

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