Can sport push for growth and be environmentally responsible?

Can sport push for growth and be environmentally responsible?

Episode #67 – Dr. Madeleine Orr and Dr. Walker J. Ross explore the uneasy dynamic within sport; its desire to grow while needing to reduce its environmental impact

All sports want to grow: participation, fan base, revenue.

But is growth for growth’s sake ethical on a planet that is facing ecological catastrophe? Should golf courses be developed in the desert? Is it right for indoor snowsport facilities to be built, with all the environmental implications that brings?

Those are a few questions that are debated during this edition of the podcast featuring Sport Ecology Group duo, Dr. Madeleine Orr (Loughborough University) and Dr. Walker J. Ross (Florida Southern College).

We also explore their latest piece of research, which investigates the climate implications for future editions of the world’s most high-profile sporting events: the Olympic Games and the Men’s FIFA World Cup.

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #67 talking points:

– How future editions of the Olympics and Men’s FIFA World Cup will be affected by climate change – and what organisers can do to mitigate impact

– Why sports federations and local organising committees need to work together to create adaptation plans to safeguard athletes, spectators and volunteers

– What sport needs to do to balance its desire for growth and need to reduce its environmental impacts

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