Encouraging climate dialogue through poetry, games and sport

Encouraging climate dialogue through poetry, games and sport

Episode #65 – Climate scientist and poet, Sam Illingworth, explains how popular mediums can break down communication barriers between scientists and non-scientists

If you’re looking for a way to engage with climate science – and science in general – in a fun, accessible and unusual way, you could do worse than subscribe to The Poetry of Science Podcast.

In each episode, climate scientist and associate professor at Edinburgh University, Sam Illingworth, recites poetry he’s written about a particular scientific topic.

Illingworth, who is the guest for episode #65 of The Sustainability Report Podcast, explains why poetry is the perfect medium to connect scientists and non-scientists as it breaks down the hierarchy of intellect, gives scientists the opportunity to express emotion and helps to develop a sense of shared vulnerability.

He adds that sport could be another good medium in which to create a safe and engaging space for dialogue around climate change.

Listen to the full episode here:


Episode #65 talking points:

– Why poetry and games are perfect mediums to facilitate dialogue between scientists and non-scientists

– How sport can adopt similar sensibilities to engage people in climate science and climate change solutions

– What sports clubs could do to harness personal identity and collaborate with scientists

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