Sustainability: The sports industry’s next upgrade

Sustainability: The sports industry’s next upgrade

Matthew Campelli argues that a focus on sustainability can make sport a better product during the inaugural ‘Sustainability Leadership Series’ talk in partnership with SportWorks

Reshaping the sports industry, post-Covid, without taking into account the changing attitudes and behaviours of fans – particularly in relation to sustainability – is akin to a coach watching their team losing from the sidelines without even thinking about changing tactics.

That was the overwhelming message from the first Sustainability Leadership Series talk hosted by The Sustainability Report and SportWorks. Matthew Campelli, the founder of The Sustainability Report and director of sustainability at Touchline, was the series’ first speaker and delivered the stark but optimistic message.

The evidence is there to see; Nielsen’s most recent piece of sports research, ‘The Changing Value of Sponsorship’, showed that rights holders doing something meaningful around sustainability will grow revenues by 11% over the next three-to-five years.

In this presentation, Campelli reflects on the latest data, case studies and interviews with sport and sustainability leaders to make the case that sport can be a better product if the industry makes social and environmental stewardship a genuine strategic focus. Watch the full talk here:

Throughout the Sustainability Leadership Series, we’ll be focusing on sustainability at major events, mitigating climate risk for sports organisations, gamifying sustainability, creating a sustainability strategy, and incorporating sustainable innovation.

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