High octane, low carbon

High octane, low carbon

Episode #54 – Daniel Bailey, chief executive of Veloce Racing, and Sylvain Filippi of Envision Virgin Racing discuss motorsport’s sustainable future

Petrol. Noise. Masculinity.

If you had to think of a few words to describe motorsport, the above three would probably be close to mind. But, in recent time, competitions such as Formula E and now Extreme E have sought to change that. Climate action and gender equality are now the watchwords. Even F1 has launched its own carbon neutrality roadmap.

A handful of teams within those competitions are attempting to push the envelope even further. Veloce Racing and Envision Virgin Racing are among the first two motorsport teams to adopt the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action Framework. In this episode, we speak to the leaders of both organisations: Daniel Bailey and Sylvain Filippi.

During this podcast, Bailey and Filippi discuss motorsport’s changing sensibilities and how they’re harnessing their brands to make a positive environmental and societal impact while staying competitive on the track.

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Episode #54 talking points

– How Formula E and Extreme E (and the teams within them) are moving motorsport towards purpose as well as entertainment

– What Veloce Racing is doing to build a culture around technical excellence, environmentalism and gender equality

– Why Envision Virgin Racing is positioning itself as a climate change movement more than a sports team

– How both teams plan to engage new fans and partners

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