Creating a safe and sustainable sports industry for the future

Creating a safe and sustainable sports industry for the future

Episode #51 – Young Sports Maker Mathieu Muller discusses anti-doping and encouraging sport to become more conscious of environmental protection

It used to be conventional wisdom that when building a career being a specialist in one area was the key to making it to the top. That notion is being challenged, with a broad selection of skills and experiences now highly desirable for prospective employees and entrepreneurs.

Our guest for this podcast, Mathieu Muller, demonstrates this perfectly by plotting his education and career that has allowed him to experience strategy, communication, and sports law all before the age of 25.

During this episode, Global Sports Week Young Sports Maker Muller reflects on his current position as a policy development officer for anti-doping at the French Sports Ministry, and explains:

– Why education is crucial to combat the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport

– How sports organisations should engage more with environmental issues

– What current trends he expects to see become mainstream in sport

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