Creating a culture of holistic sustainability in sport

Creating a culture of holistic sustainability in sport

Episode #43 – Lindsay Arell explains how she helped the Philadelphia Eagles and other sports properties look at sustainability beyond just the environmental perspective

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles NFL franchise became the first regular season sports team to adopt the ISO 20121 sustainable event standard, which was developed for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

On this week’s podcast, we sit down with the person who encouraged the 2018 Super Bowl-winning team to take its sustainability credentials to the next level – Lindsay Arell of Honeycomb Strategies in Denver, Colorado.

During the episode, Arell charts her sustainability career, from greening the 2008 Democratic Convention ahead of the election of Barack Obama to US president, to helping the Eagles and other sports properties incorporate her ECO – engagement and communication, community, and operations – methodology that shifts the focus to holistic sustainability.

Arell explains:

– Why sports organisations need to start looking beyond the environmental aspects of sustainability

– How integrating employees from diverse departments can help foster staff engagement and buy-in

– What the ISO 20121 sustainable event management system is – and how it works

Listen to the full episode here:

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