Keeping sports events sustainable in the aftermath of the pandemic

Keeping sports events sustainable in the aftermath of the pandemic

Episode #42 – Sustainable events pioneer Meegan Jones discusses recently-published guidelines that encourage event hosts to keep away from single-use products despite concerns related to Covid-19

Bringing fans back into stadiums and sports venues safely. That is the primary concern for most sports organisations and facility operators.

But there’s a real concern that many may start to equate single-use products with human health as a result of Covid-19, ripping apart a lot of the good work done pre-pandemic around the phasing out of single-use plastic products like beverage cups.

This week’s guest, Meegan Jones, has arranged a “pre-emptive strike” and published a set of guidelines and recommendations proving that reusable products are as safe as single-use products, if venue operators have the correct protocols in place.

During the episode, Jones also discusses:

– How the event industry has changed over the last decade with respect to its sustainability credentials

– Why sporting events will need to become more environmentally responsible under their “social licence to operate”

– What event professionals can do, practically, to make sure their events are a low impact as possible

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