(Watch) Unlocking value and carbon reductions through technology and partnerships

(Watch) Unlocking value and carbon reductions through technology and partnerships

Dow, NatureBank and Restore the Earth Foundation discuss low carbon technologies and the social and economic benefits of investing in nature

Industries and organisations that emit a large proportion of the world’s carbon emissions are, of course, singled out for criticism – particularly since climate change became a mainstream issue for the general public. 

But the fact is that these companies and sectors represent the greatest sources of potential progress as we collectively work towards the objectives of the Paris Agreement. If more low carbon solutions could be produced and adopted by, for example, the oil and gas, aviation, and industrial sectors, they could help to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with those industries. 

During our latest interactive discussion, speakers from Dow, NatureBank and Restore the Earth Foundation, discussed some of the ways in which organisations in those industries could reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable solutions and investing in nature projects.

Svetlana Oglobina (Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions) kicked off the webinar by introducing Dow’s Carbon Partnership with the International Olympic Committee and explaining how it works in three steps: 

– What – balance the IOC’s operational footprint

– How – mitigation projects with customers and value chain partners

– Why – accelerated adoption of low carbon technologies and solutions for a positive climate legacy

Oglobina’s colleague, Faye Miller (Dow Industrial Solutions), explained how this works in practice by demonstrating a project Dow is collaborating on with Petronas, which saw the latter adopt a low carbon catalyst technology, making the process more carbon efficient and contributing the carbon savings to the Dow partnership with the IOC.

P.J. Marshall (Restore the Earth Foundation) spoke about the environmental, social and economic benefits for organisations investing in nature projects, illustrating her points by showcasing the Mississippi River Basin reforestation project REF is working on with Dow.

And Simon Phillips explained how organisations are deploying projects that leverage low carbon innovation with solutions from the natural environment projects to maximise their mitigation efforts.

Watch the full webinar (above) to learn more about the key discussion points:

– What technologies the industrial sector is leveraging to reduce its carbon footprint

– Why organisations are investing in nature – and what the business case is

– How sports marketing partnerships can help accelerate sustainable innovation across a number of sectors

Our next webinar, Addressing waste and food challenges through sustainable packaging, will take place on Thursday 29 October.

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  • Ziga Bulc
    January 28, 2021, 3:10 pm

    Will this event or something similar be happening in 2021 as well? i find the topic very interesting and would love to learn more about it.