Launching a sport and sustainability start-up

Launching a sport and sustainability start-up

Episode #35 – Vanessa Nord explains why she’s launched a new venture focused on environmental sustainability and sport, and how her work has led to collaborations with FC Bayern and the German Boxing Association

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on several elements of public life, the job market included, with so many people being made redundant and businesses closing down.

So it’s a nice change of pace to hear a story about someone who has recently started a new venture that is thriving. Particularly when that new venture brings together sustainability and sport.

Vanessa Nord has done exactly that, and in a short space of time has brought sustainability to the forefront of the mind of organisations like FC Bayern Munich and the German Boxing Association.

She has also created a networking group of some of the German sports industry’s most forward-thinking minds, called Project C, to discuss and find solutions to some of the sector’s most prominent issues.

During the episode, Vanessa explains:

– Why the time was right to launch a sport and sustainability start-up

– How her work caught the attention of sports brands like FC Bayern Munich

– What her sustainable sport event guide is – and how she put it together

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  • Laurent Petit
    September 29, 2020, 6:53 am

    Very inspiring! I think there is so much we could do in Germany and Europe!