What sport can learn from commercial real estate

What sport can learn from commercial real estate

Episode #33 – Kristen Fulmer, the founder of sustainability agency Recipric, explains why commercial real estate properties are further ahead than sport when it comes to sustainability and wellness – and what sport can do about it

The ‘well building’ is the new ‘green building’. Sustainability in the corporate real estate industry has gone up a notch and, rather than just focusing on the environmental sustainability credentials of a building, the way the building impacts the people that occupy it has become a serious consideration.

Air quality, daylight, colour-schemes and healthy food options are important factors for workplaces to consider. There’s no shortage of data to demonstrate that a healthy working environment is conducive to productivity and performance.

So why doesn’t sport take these factors into account as much?

This week, Kristen Fulmer, the founder of Recipric and a commercial real estate sustainability expert, puts forward answers to that question, and explains why healthy venues should be an emerging priority – particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the episode, Fulmer discusses:

– How poor indoor conditions have the potential to drastically impact athlete performance 

– What team and venue owners have to do to make sure their facility takes athlete and spectator health into account

– Why measures to make venues safe in the face of Covid could potentially have a positive environmental impact

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