Preparing athletes for a life after sport

Preparing athletes for a life after sport

Episode #32 – Danielle Berman, founder of Tackle What’s Next, explains how sportspeople can be better assisted as they transition away from the field

There’s an old saying that many people in sport are familiar with: that athletes die twice instead of once – the first time, when their professional sports career is over.

But although leaving their teammates, fans and coaches can be the most overwhelming and scary point of their lives, Danielle Berman is sure that transitioning sportspeople can thrive as they take the first steps into their new lives.

Berman is the founder of Tackle What’s Next, a platform and community that helps athletes navigate life away from the field and have successful and fulfilling careers.

During the episode, she explains the challenges and opportunities facing transitioning sportspeople and:

– What clubs, leagues and federations can do to better support them

– Why education is crucial as they embark on their next steps

– How athlete transition fits into the wider duty of care conversation

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