The importance of being purposeful

The importance of being purposeful

Episode #31 – Neill Duffy, founder of sports impact agency 17 Sport, explains that sport must ‘do good to do well’ in the post-Covid era

Since Nelson Mandela said that sport had the power to change the world, his words have been used countless times to illustrate sport’s potential to do good – to the point that his moving speech 20 years ago has almost become a cliché.

But Neill Duffy, the founder of 17 Sport – the world’s first sports impact agency – is adamant that those words are as true today as they were two decades ago – but sport has to step up to fulfil that vision.

Sport’s business model, he says, is complacent and lazy, and has been exposed badly by the coronavirus pandemic.

The industry has no choice but to build back better and move purpose from the fringes (such as foundations and CSR departments) to the centre of the organisation. During this episode, Duffy explains: 

– Why sports will have to “do good to do well” in the post-Covid environment

– How sport’s organisations can authentically approach purpose

– What the role of leadership, athletes and employees are in that shift

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  • Neill Duffy
    August 11, 2020, 2:30 pm

    Thank you for a great conversation Matthew…..and thank you for the work you and your team at The Sustainability Report do. You have become my daily go-to resource for news and information on everything that is happening at the intersection of sport and purpose.