Inside Formula 1’s plan to become net zero carbon

Inside Formula 1’s plan to become net zero carbon

Episode #27 – Yath Gangakumaran, F1’s director of strategy, explains the motorsport’s ambition to leverage its reputation for innovation to become a sustainability leader

Innovation and ambition are two words that are synonymous with Formula 1. Sustainability not so much – at least until now.

But that could all be about to change. Since being acquired by Liberty Global outright in 2017, the popular motoracing format has undergone something of a transformation, at least on the business side. Now, reducing its carbon emissions and becoming a bastion of sustainability within the sports industry is one of its aims.

To be exact, Formula 1 has the explicit objective of becoming net zero carbon by 2030 which, with its extensive travelling around the globe and racing of cars with combustion engine motors, is no mean feat.

In this week’s podcast, the organisation’s director of strategy and business development, Yath Gangakumaran, details its roadmap to get there. Not only that, but he discusses a wider sustainability blueprint that includes a focus on youth education, and diversity and inclusion.

During the episode Gangakumaran explains:

– How Formula 1 is working with partners to develop low-carbon solutions, such as more sustainable fuels

– Why the organisation is establishing a STEM education programme to stimulate diversity and inclusion

– Where Formula 1 can leverage its technical knowledge and specialisms to reduce carbon in other sectors

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