Inside the NFL team nurturing the workforce of tomorrow

Inside the NFL team nurturing the workforce of tomorrow

Episode #24 – Jesse Lovejoy, the director of the San Francisco 49ers EDU programme, explains how STEAM education is helping underserved kids approach global challenges through the prism of sport

“There is not one problem that does exist or will exist that cannot be solved by a motivated generation of young people.”

That’s probably the stand-out quote from this week’s guest, Jesse Lovejoy, who as the director of the San Francisco 49ers EDU programme designs and oversees a large-scale STEAM (science, technology, education, art and maths) education programme that engages thousands of children in the Bay Arena every year.

STEAM education, he says, not only empowers young people but it helps them learn complex concepts through the prism of subjects that interest them or impact their everyday lives.

Sport is one of the best ways to get that message across. During an EDU field trip, students can learn about technology through the evolving innovation and equipment needed for professional American football, or take in a science lesson focused on the sustainability aspects of Levi’s Stadium, the state-of-the-art home of the 49ers.

During this episode, Lovejoy explains:

– Why STEAM education is crucial for skilling up the future workforce

– How sport can make STEAM education accessible for underserved children

– What the San Francisco 49ers EDU programme entails

Listen to the full episode here:

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