PODCAST: Forming partnerships to address climate change, with the IOC, Dow and EDF

PODCAST: Forming partnerships to address climate change, with the IOC, Dow and EDF

Episode #11 – Julie Duffus of the IOC, Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi of Dow, and EDF’s Carine de Boissezon discuss their experiences working together to find solutions to the climate crisis through sport

It’s fitting that in Paris, the home of the landmark 2015 Climate Agreement, sports contribution to addressing the evolving climate crisis was one of the standout discussions during the inaugural Global Sports Week.

More than that, it was a chance to discover how major sporting institutions like the International Olympic Committee and a major events like the Paris 2024 Olympic Games could work with commercial or strategic partners to find solutions to the environmental challenges we are all facing.

As the senior sustainability manager for the IOC, Julie Duffus is seeing first hand how climate change is severely impacting the sports associated with the Games, and how international sports federations and National Olympic Committees are adapting to meet the challenges.

Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, the global technology and sustainability director for Dow Olympic & Sport Solutions, has been working with the IOC on its carbon mitigation programme and on the implementation of sustainable technologies at the Games.

During this podcast, Duffus and Piccolrovazzi discuss the growing partnership between the IOC and Dow, what they have achieved together thus far, and how they plan to face future challenges. 

As a Premium Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympics – and the largest energy company in France – EDF will have a big part to play if the Games is to fulfill its ambitious aim of halving the carbon emissions generated by previous modern Summer Olympics, and achieve climate neutrality.

The company’s chief sustainability officer, Carine de Boissezon, explains EDF’s acceleration towards renewable energy, and demonstrates an extensive sports partnership portfolio, in which it is helping sports like kayaking, swimming and football transition away from fossil fuels.

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