Lewis Hamilton’s F1 team pledges carbon neutrality by the end of 2020

Lewis Hamilton’s F1 team pledges carbon neutrality by the end of 2020

Mercedes to increase renewable energy consumption and halve carbon emissions to 10,000 tonnes

Mercedes, the Formula 1 team represented by six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, has pledged to have a net-zero carbon footprint by the end of 2020.

To achieve this target, the team will increase its renewable energy consumption at its Brickworth and Brackley headquarters, eliminate single-use plastics from catering and select hotels for staff that demonstrate a “low-impact ethos”.

The team, which has dominated the Constructors’ Championship in recent years, winning the last six, has also laid out carbon reduction targets that will see its CO2 emission from 2018 – around 20,000 tonnes – halved to 10,000 tonnes by 2022. The remaining unavoidable emissions will be offset.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team principal, said that the team wanted to be at the “forefront of change”, referencing hybrid and battery electric technology in its race cars as well as increasing sustainable practices in its daily operations.

“We want our motorsport platforms to be a case study for the rapid and open-minded implementation of innovations for a more sustainable future,” he added.

Hamilton has been a big advocate of environmental stewardship in recent times, selling his private jet and switching to a plant-based diet to reduce his personal carbon footprint.

“I’ve changed the way I travel and started offsetting my flights, and I’ve started to drive both plug-in hybrids and all-electric Mercedes vehicles,” he said. “I’ve also put sustainability at the heart of other ventures I’m involved in, such as my new clothing collection with Tommy Hilfiger.”

Hamilton added: “It’s great to see that Mercedes is taking responsibility for sustainability and that the entire Mercedes family is making huge efforts to tackle the issue; I hope I can make a meaningful contribution to that transformation as well.”

Mercedes’ commitment closely follows the pledge made by Formula 1 to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

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