Innovators: Measurabl

Innovators: Measurabl

Sustainability data management platform helping Major League Baseball and the Green Sports Alliance “make smarter choices”

Since being established in 2013, Measurabl has helped commercial properties monitor their sustainability operations and become more efficient via its data management platform. Chase Cockerill, the company’s vice-president of business development, tells The Sustainability Report how it works and why sport is a key market.

The Sustainability Report: When and why was Measurabl established?

Chase Cockerill: Measurabl was established in 2013 after our chief executive Matt Ellis left CBRE after 5 years where he began his career as a real estate broker and went on to serve as director of sustainability solutions.

Essentially, Measurabl helps the market with providing data quality initiative with the goal of creating more consistent, transparent rules for ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting. We work with partners like BRE and USGBC (US Green Building Council) on data quality tools to aid our customers in their sustainability journey.

Measurabl is also determined to fill the gap in the market needed for a sufficient sustainability data management platform for commercial real estate. Most countries currently lack these systems and as a result, we are determined to provide a truly global, user friendly, integrated platform.

TSR: How does the platform work?

CC: In general, we pull in your data directly to the platform syncing with your utility provider. We provide users the tools to analyse that data and provide pathways for users to disclose their data. Ultimately, we want users to make smarter choices with their sustainability data that empower action.

TSR: How did Measurabl first engage with the sports industry, specifically the Green Sports Alliance and Major League Baseball?

CC: Measurabl first engaged with the MLB when it was looking for a way to streamline the sustainability data collection at its ballparks. Measurabl was able to provide data automation, KPIs and analytics to assist all ballpark operators in progressing sustainability.

The MLB introduced us to the Green Sports Alliance because we thought if this is helpful to the MLB’s ballparks then it’s likely to assist sports leagues, teams and venues everywhere.

TSR: What has Measurabl achieved with both organisations?

CC: Measurabl has helped both organisations automate ESG data, benchmark performance, and drive operational efficiency by identifying areas to improve.

TSR: What are your future objectives with both organisations and within sport in general?

CC: Our future objectives with both organisations and sports in general is to provide a platform for all sports leagues, teams and venues to be able to effectively measure, manage, act, and report on their sustainability performance.

TSR: Does Measurabl see sport as a key growth area?

CC: We absolutely see sport as a key growth area. The Green Sports Alliance is doing an excellent job progressing the sports greening movement and we’re pleased to play a role in that movement.

TSR: How is catering for sport different to traditional commercial real estate? What are the challenges and opportunities?

CC: Catering for sport is actually quite similar to traditional commercial real estate in that the material data points are similar across all of the built environment. Regardless of it being an office, multifamily building, or Staples Center – we want to understand performance for energy, water, and waste so that we can find ways to consume less, reduce costs, and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.

TSR: What are the benefits for a sport organisation using the Measurabl platform?

CC: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. You need data to understand where you can improve. Measurabl has helped provide the MLB with the visibility they need to drive operational efficiency

TSR: What are Measurabl’s general goals and objectives for 2020?

CC: We’re focusing on product improvements to continue working towards our goal to be the real estate sector’s indispensable, investment-grade ESG hub.

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