Benchmark for stadium sustainability to be established

Benchmark for stadium sustainability to be established

Sports organisations and venues part of the Green Sports Alliance will soon have access to comparative sustainability data to inform decision making

A benchmark that compares the sustainability credentials of sports venues around the world is being developed.

Working in partnership with the Green Sports Alliance, sustainability software company Measurabl is developing the benchmark using feedback and data capture from the Alliance’s 600-plus members.

The benchmark is being designed for sports facilities to evaluate sustainability performance relative to their peers, and formalises the partnership between Measurabl and the Green Sports Alliance.

Benchmarking data will be accessible to Green Sports Alliance member organisations so that they can track their efforts and find ways to further integrate sustainability.

“Our members are setting robust targets and constantly evolve their systems in place to help them understand and track their progress,” said Green Sports Alliance executive director, Justin Zeulner.

“Measurabl provides the visibility into data, while we provide the educational resources and inspiration to help them act on that data.”

Sustainability platform developed by Measurabl

Last year, Measurabl established a new “investment grade” sustainability benchmark for buildings. The benchmark ranges from 0-100, with scores marked comparatively. For example, if a building receives a mark of 50, that means it is more sustainable than 50% of the building benchmarked by Measurabl.

The benchmark is weighted, with 54% of a building’s mark coming from electric, fuel and district consumption, 29% coming from carbon emissions and 17% from water consumption.

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