Sporting Kansas City rallies against food waste

Sporting Kansas City rallies against food waste

MLS franchise teams up with Monsanto and other partners to launch platform demonstrating the positive effect of food waste reduction

Sporting Kansas City, the Major League Soccer franchise, has teamed up with food production giant Monsanto to launch a platform designed to educate consumers about the positive impact of reducing food waste.

Sporting Sustainability will raise awareness around the impact of food waste prevention, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural land use. It will also offer education tools for consumers to help them cut down on food waste.

Agriculture and hunger charity Agspring, crop producers Syngenta and conservation organisation The Nature Conservancy are also involved in the initiative.

All organisations have pledged to support their supply chains and “build a network of advocates” for food conservation.

As part of the scheme, Sporting Kansas City will give its fans the opportunity to make digital pledges and self-report on food waste with the chance of winning match tickets, merchandise or other experiences. An online tracking tool will also be integrated on the platform to measure the impact of food waste reduction.

Around 40% of all food is wasted in the US, with $107bn (or 90 billion pounds) of food going uneaten every year.

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