French sports organisations commit to wide-ranging sustainability charter

French sports organisations commit to wide-ranging sustainability charter

Committees, bodies and venues make 15 pledges, related to catering, transport, procurement, waste and energy devised by French government and WWF

More than 100 committees, organisations and venues in the French sport sector have made commitments to reduce their environmental impact by signing a charter of 15 eco-responsibilities.

Gathered together by French sports minister Laura Flessel, the signatories made pledges regarding sustainable food, transport, procurement, waste and natural resources, among others.

The commitments have been developed by the Ministry of Sport in France and the WWF, who will put together an annual report tracking the progress of those signing up to the strategy.

Over the next three years, organisations have committed to:

  • Providing 50% of catering for participants, spectators and staff from sustainable sources. These choices must comply with WWF recommendations (100% certified seasonal catering options, preference to local/regional suppliers etc), and include healthy options. A tracking system to reduce waste must also be in place;
  • Making 80% of journeys completed by spectators, sportspeople and employees happen through active mobility (walking, bike etc), transport and car sharing;
  • Purchasing 80% of their products using a corporate social responsibility selection criteria;
  • Reducing waste by 25% and reuse, recycle or recover 60% of waste; and
  • Consuming 25% of energy from renewable sources

The full list of commitments and timescales can be found below:

Full list of commitments made by the French sport organisations

Flassel said that sport “must contribute to preserving our environment” and help build a “sustainable and equitable society”.

For the full list of signatories, click here (French language).

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