BASIS reveals performance-based certification scheme

BASIS reveals performance-based certification scheme

One Planet Living-based framework designed to help venue managers convince leadership about value of sustainability, says chair Russell Seymour

BASIS – the British Association for Sustainable Sport – has revealed plans to launch its own certification scheme that rewards venues for improved sustainability performance over time.

The certification process will evaluate sports facilities using the One Planet Living Principles used in the sustainability plan for the London 2012 Olympics.

One Planet Living Principles include: zero carbon energy, zero waste, materials and products, travel and transport, local and sustainable food, sustainable water, land and nature, culture and community, equity and local economy, and health and happiness.

Russell Seymour, the BASIS chair, said the certification was “unique” because of its focus on performance, whereas other standards, such as ISO 20121, “specifically look at management systems”.

He added that rather than compete with existing standards, the certification could help venue and operations managers win support from top-level executives to try and achieve already-established accreditations.

“(Mid- and top-level managers) are the ones who are implementing recycling schemes, they’re making purchasing decisions. A lot of improvements are made at that level,” he explained. “But if you don’t get top-level engagement you really can’t get an ISO standard because that’s one of the requirements.

“It could be that facilities and operations managers come to us at BASIS and say ‘we want to use your scheme’ to get recognition, and that will get them leverage to go back to the leadership and show that they are already improving and made things consistent.”

Seymour confirmed that BASIS was talking to an “experienced organisation” to deliver the scheme. The organisation is also having conversations with an unnamed “significant governing body” that may put certification into the service agreements it has with its clubs.

As well as professional venues, the certification process is open to grassroots venues. “Any team that owns an asset can be certified,” said Seymour.

A 60 day consultation will conclude on 14 June, and Seymour encouraged all stakeholders to share their opinion on BASIS’s plans.

Interested parties can have their say by going to the BASIS website.


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